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Did you glorious nerds know that the fine folks behind APTN are applying to launch radio stations in 5 major urban centres (specifically Ottawa, Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver)? I was delighted to learn this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I’m a huge fan of the work APTN does, so I imagine their radio presence will be equally awesome.

In order to be a broadcaster in Canada, though, you need to get a license from the CRTC. Right now, First Peoples’ Radio Inc (FPR) is going through that application process – and we can help them to get a license by taking a sec to send in a message saying that they deserve one.

ANYWAY, as I was sending mine in, I found the CRTC site a bit confusing, so just in case it tries to thwart your efforts, here’s how to do it:

  1. Start here:
  2. Click this easy to miss link:

3. Next, click the blue button.

4. Check off all the FPR submissions. Then scroll down, and you’ll see the actual spot for you to write your statement. Make sure the select is set to “support”, and add your message. Don’t panic here – it doesn’t need to be some amazing argument. It can be as simple as “I would absolutely listen to this station if it existed” or “I like APTN, and I think they’d do great work in radio.”

I know this is overkill. I’m just drunk on Microsoft Paint.

5. The remainder of the questions aren’t necessary to fill out, unless you clearly know they apply to you. When in doubt, leave it blank. Keep scrolling!

6. Add your personal information. Just so you know, your statement will publicly visible – but FWIW I’ve done this a bunch of times for different broadcasters and nobody but the CRTC ever reads them.

7. Fill out your info, accept the TOS, and submit. 

8. Sit back and eagerly await their first broadcast!