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Over the last month, I’ve begun receiving complaints from folks that emails I send are getting filtered into spam.

It seems that the evolution of the internet had passed me by, and I have failed to properly set up my email with DKIM and SPF records/kets/what have you.

Long story short, many message boards told me that this should be as simple as flipping a switch in cPanel under Email Authentication. But this didn’t work for me. Joel, the very nice fellow who answered my support ticket explained that if you’re using shared hosting for multiple sites, you have to flip the switch for the primary domain, and THENĀ ensure that any add-on domains are pointed at the account’s original nameservers. In my case, I’ve been with the same host a long time, so I have several name server options – andĀ once I pointed the domains in question back at the original ones, my email was rescued from the spam folder.

Also, Big ups to’s DKIM Checker. Saved me a lot of time.

DKIM Key Checker